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The Keeper 1lt Pohutukawa 09

The Stuntman is all about pushing boundaries and testing limits of human endurance. This is a very hoppy beer! Some might say too hoppy, but you “hop heads” out there are in for a real treat. Ten hop additions create a tsunami of flavours and textures that explode across the poor unsuspecting palette. Taste buds are left reeling, stunned, like they have been eleven rounds with “The Green Machine”. If you find all the hops a bit much, remember, It’s not to hoppy, you’re to soft!! HARDEN UP. The Stuntman is stupid beer for brave people………….so get brave stupid!

Pohutukawa Keeper

As well as snapper fishing and volcano hopping, people are flocking here to drink our beer because you can’t get it south of the Bombay’s or north of the Brynderwyn’s. For these ranges are the guardians of the good stuff, the barriers to mediocrity.