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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you’re looking for a regular delivery of the good stuff to your door, this is the place to get it.

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The Fridge Filler

Fill up your fridge with the best of the best. Bright and sassy; hoppy and happy — that’s our #1 and #2. Get 24 bottles of each delivered regularly so when beer’o’clock strikes, you’re always ready.

Starting at $89.00 per delivery

Easy selection

Lager Selection

Soft hops. Dry finishes. Loads of personality. If that sounds like you then this sub has your name all over it. A 24 bottle (330ml) selection of #1 Kolsch, #8 Rice Lager & #09 the Beer of Auckland. Too easy.

Starting at $89.00 per delivery

Hoppier numbers

Hoppier Numbers

For lovers of hops in all their floral, fragrant, refreshing glory — your search ends here: a 24 bottle (330ml) mix of #2 Pale Ale, #6 Session IPA & #7 Maximus IPA. Hop to it.

Starting at $89.00 per delivery

Trust the brewer

Trust The Brewer

Here’s something for the adventurous ones... This 24 bottle (330ml) sub includes whatever our brewer wants you to try… Think a mix of seasonal, pre-release and core range. Trust us and be the first to try what everyone in the brewery is fizzing about.

Starting at $89.00 per delivery

Bottle 1

Keeper Lager Selection

Sharing is caring, especially when cracking into our beer. Our 1 litre Keeper is the way to do it. Get a regular drop of 6 Keepers filled with #1, #8 and #09. Once they’re done, re-fill them with whatever you want. Drink. Keep. Re-use. Repeat.

Starting at $89.00 per delivery


Keeper Hoppier Numbers

Always up for a hoppy moment? Bring more of them into your life, 1 litre at a time. Get a consistent supply of 6 Keepers filled with #2 Pale Ale, #6 Session IPA & #7 Maximus IPA. Once they’re empty, you know what to do: Drink. Keep. Re-use. Repeat.

Starting at $89.00 per delivery